Skill & Development Industrial Training Institute
Berli Kalan - Rewari (Haryana)


INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, Berli Kalan ITI Berli Kalan was established in 2009 with an objective of imparting skills in various vocational trades to meet the skilled manpower requirement of industry.

The institute itself is nestled in a sprawling 12.5 acres of land in central Berli Kalan with beautiful campus, main-building, turner workshop, playground etc. There are 12 different trades of Engineering & Non-Engineering field, with 468 intakes per year. Furthermore the institute also has all infrastructure facilities needed for overall development of skilled workers, like library, audio visual aids, and hi-tech computer lab for awareness about computers to trainees of all trades.

Our mechanical section consists of world class labs, workshops and advanced equipments for our trainees where they can train. There is also the facility of practical workshops for trainees as well as a state of the art lab and equipment for them.

Moving further it would be worth stating that the following equipments are available with us which help us immensely in providing top notch education to our trainees. Given below is a list of all such equipments which are available with us.


  • 1 Center Lathe Machine            : 08 No.
  • 2 Capstan Lathe                          : 02 No.
  • 6 C.N.C. Drilling Machine          : 01 No.
  • 6 C.N.C. lathe Machine              : 02 No.
  • 6 C.N.C. Milling Machine
  • Total Room of Lathe machine  :02
  • Gap Bed lathe Machine            :02
  • Cone Pully Lathe Machine        :02
  • Power saw Machine                  :02


  • Center lathe Machine              :02
  • CNC Milling machine               :01
  • Piller Type Drill machine         :01
  • Hydrolic Pipe machine            :01
  • Bench Grinder                          :01

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